Representative of Tongji University Design and Innovation Institute
Since SWFC associating with Design and Innovation Institute of Tongji University for the first time launched “SWFC Public Space Alteration Design Campaign”, this time we are pleased to invite the first prize winner to share the sparkling design ideas with everyone.
Scott Fan
Professional Lawyer
His creation of fine photographs were repeatedly published in the newspapers and magazines, and he was interviewed by column. As the photographer special for the international charity organization BEAN, he used to be called spokesperson of shooting “black lens” in Shanghai due to his photographic theme is unique. Currently he is working in a law firm.
Shen Xin Yi
Psychological Counselor
She is a psychological counselor, hypnotist, professional lecturer in the Huilan Counseling Center,meanwhile was engaged in the enterprise EAP, and other services providing social assistance. She is also a guest of a Child Psychology television program and a writer of a newspaper column.
Michael Zhang
Research Manager of Morgan Stanley Hua Xin
He is a manager of MSHX Research and his role is editing and translating investment research reports. Prior to joining MSHX, Mr. Zhang was a translator within Equity Research of UBSS in Shanghai from Mar 2008 to April 2011.
Jiang Fei Mo
With his philosophy of “Arts live everywhere”, he keeps faith with harmonious combination of God, Human and Nature. He tries to figure out the pure human nature with the respect and appreciation for nature.