• Tony Chen

    Chief Digital Evangelist of Large Customer
    Sales, Google China

    Currently Tony leads, develops and maintains Google's relationships with domestic clients. His core responsibility is to elevate digital transformation for domestic advertisers through the application of the latest data/technology driven Google solutions. Tony has extensive experience, knowledge and market insights gained from his 20-year career in digital media. He also serves as co-Chairman of MMA China, where he dedicates himself to the development of industry standards and best practice in mobile. Prior to joining Google, he was Chief Digital Officer, GroupM China and Taiwan; General Manager for Dell consumer direct business in Greater China. Before that, Tony was the COO for RealNetworks China; Marketing VP for eBay China, and VP of Operations for Yahoo! China.

  • Adam Sarac

    Culture and Communication Officer of Consulate General of Sweden

    Adam has been working for Swedish foreign missions in Beijing and Shanghai since 2012 and currently serves as the culture and communications officer at the Swedish consulate general in Shanghai. He has been working with culture promotion and public diplomacy since 2013. Adam has degrees in Politics and Economics as well as in Chinese. He is an avid reader and occasional translator of Swedish and Chinese comics.

  • Cyril Drouin

    Founder & CEO of BysoftChina
    Senior e-Commerce Consultant

    Cyril has over 15 years of consulting experience, dedicated to e-Commerce and internet in China and in Europe. He advised around 100 clients (brands, retailers, manufacturers, SMEs, startups) and followed for the last 10 years. He helps brands throughough the entire lifecycle of an e-commerce project, from consulting to implementation, digital marketing and monitoring performance. Cyril has built an expertise in digital strategy and eCommerce in China as well as extensive knowledge in the management of market places and localization in China of leading e-commerce technologies. He is actively speaking & training for conferences and high-level training sessions.

  • Christine Leang

    Writer / Speaker / Coach

    Born in a refugee camp at the Thai frontier, Christine Leang grew up in France in a difficult environment, with the dream of becoming a writer, but the idea that life is a ceaseless battle in which one has to learn to cope with constant change. In 2005 Christine moved to Shanghai. She worked in various industries, until her path met the one of her Tai Chi master. Christine chose to stay at her Master’s school for a whole year. Thanks to this empowering experience, constant change took a different meaning. After her first book was published in 2013, Christine gave over 20 talks in less than 6 months. A captivating public speaker, martial arts instructor and writing coach, Christine shares her life lessons to inspire and motivate others to choose courage, embrace change and go for their own dreams.

  • Corinne Richeux Hua

    Executive Director of NPO Stepping Stones

    Corinne Richeux Hua is a British/French national who studied Chinese at Cambridge University. Since graduating, Corinne has spent most of her working life in Shanghai before she finally left the corporate world to pursue her life-long dream to work in the non-profit sector. In 2006, while working for a local volunteering organization, Corinne discovered the need in Shanghai’s migrant community for English teachers. Not realizing at first what she was taking on, Corinne started organizing volunteers to teach English in the migrant schools in 2006, and out of these efforts Stepping Stones was born, an English teaching volunteering program which now involves around 350 volunteers teaching 5,000 students each week in more than 30 project sites in Shanghai. Stepping Stones also sends volunteers to teach English in rural China, and Stepping Stones’ “I Care” project provides spectacles and eye surgery for migrant children.