No.100, Century Ave., Pudong New Area, Shanghai China



Located in the Pudong District of Shanghai, advancing China’s most rapidly developing city, the Shanghai World Financial Center is a center for information as well as financial services. Here information and finance, the two great currents shaping the 21st century world converge and generate a powerful magnetism.

A Vertical Garden City

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a city within the city, surrounded by natural beauty at ground level, soaring high into the sky. Here there is always something fresh and exciting to discover, in a place that is both safe and enjoyable. Here people meet, lively encounters generate economic energy; new forms of cultural activity appear. Diverse functions are assembled in a single self-contained neighborhood.

A Global Magnet

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a magnet in every sense of the term. Its magnetism attracts leaders dedicated to growth and change, professionals whose activities exert a powerful influence worldwide. Besides information and finance, economic and cultural flows, East and West, knowledge and possibility are all drawn to this center where they interact and give rise to new currents that energize our times. Here opinion leaders gather, exchange knowledge and insight, and create new forms of culture, exerting a powerful influence that affects events both near and far.

This global magnet is also a compass, pointing the way to a brighter tomorrow for Shanghai, China, Asia, and the world as a whole.