Blueglass Yogurt


Blueglass Yogurt believes in natural flavors. Natural sweet and sour is healthier! Blueglass Yogurt advocates the use of ingredients from nature itself to create heathier food with natural sweet and sour flavors. Every drop of yogurt offered is fermented with raw milk, freshly produced, and no need to be further processed. Blueglass Yogurt's products are sugar substitutes free. Natural sweet and sour is healthier!


Japanese cuisine

Fugu is the Japanese pronunciation of the globefish, a creative Japanese cuisine brand that focuses on serving high-end ingredients such as globefish, crab and Wagyu beef by using the original flavor and innovative cooking concept to satisfy consumers' taste.Fugu adheres to the corporate culture of “Creating surprises constantly with love” and provide customers with the private, quiet dining environment and personalized services.



Taco Bell

Mexican food

Originating from sunny California, Taco Bell is one of the leading chain catering brands in the world. With the “Live Mas” attitude that is loved by young people, Taco Bell provides distinctive American style Mexican food, various made-to-order cuisine, and enthusiastic services. Taco Bell mainly serves Taco, Burrito, Quesadilla and Nachos.

07:30~20:00 (Mon.~Fri.)
11:00~19:00 (Weekends&National holidays)


Goose General

Chaoshan‘s food

E Jiang is an independent brand that offers Chaoshan's special Marinated food. In the Chaoshan region, there is an ancient saying “No Goose, No Feast”. Marinated goose is the top dish in local banquet. E Jiang uses ”Especially Delicious“ Shitou goose as the main ingredient, and every part of the goose is a delicacy.

11:00~19:00 (Mon.~Fri.)
10:00~20:00 (Weekends&National holidays)


Vats Liquor


Vats Liquor always embraces “Quality, Authenticity, Service and Innovation” as its business philosophy. They have created a three-level authenticity identification model to ensure that the qualified wines can be accepted and stored into the warehouse after rounds of screening. Every purchase is in pursuit of true taste, every service is sincere, and every bottle of wine is guaranteed to be authentic.




Sushi, Kappou, Yakitori Cuisine

SUSHI KAKURE offers high quality sushi and yakitori dishes. The business philosophy that Sushi Shokunin (Sushi Master) pursues is that the rigor of sushi is indescribable. A gourmet once said, “How can something that looks so simple has such a deep flavor” Perhaps this is the best way to explain sushi.